Aman Varma

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Why should you be concerned by Copy Writing?

When I was 19, I conveyed a message to my family in a unique way. I molded a story with underlying messages. To my surprise, I saw my sister mourning as she read the story. Her body was shivering and tears simply flooding. She had lost herself in the story. Finally, I had to calm her down and bring her back to reality. The story was short of 300 words. But it had an impact. Emotions between the lines were placed just right, which flowed into the hearts of readers. At this moment, I realized the power of words and how I can use them masterfully to persuade people.

Can you make me cry using 6 words?

One day, there were 6 close friends having a wonderful evening. One of them happens to be a copy writer. He was challenged by his friends to “make them cry in 6 words”. He gracefully accepted the challenge and wrote on a piece of paper napkin – FOR SALE, BABY SHOES NEVER WORN. Silence dawned upon the restaurant. There was a sudden change in the vibe. Everybody started feeling sad inside. One beautiful lady broke a tear. Then the chain continued. Soon after 3 minutes everyone in the room started crying. That is the power of copy writing.

Every word should be strategic. Every word should be able to bypass the person's mind. Words are like magic. It's amazing how words can touch people deeply and change their state of mind.

Aman Varma


What’s the difference between CONTENT writing and COPY writing?

Content writing is like literature. Beautifully crafted sentences and fancy vocabulary is used. Content writing is all about entertaining people through words.
Copy writing is like sales. Strategically crafted sentences and emotionally charged vocabulary is used. Copy writing is all about persuading people through words to buy your product or idea.
If you want to describe a loaf of bread use content writer. If you want to sell a loaf of bread use copywriter.


Does your business specifically needs copywriting?

What if one page of flyer had the ability to convince your customers just as much as your best salesman? Why need a sales force when you can get it done with a few pages of flyer?
Imagine your flyer as being equal to your best salesman. If your company needs a salesman, you NEED copywriting.


I will fight wars for you

  1. Promote engagement with your clients
    How many times do your past clients hear from you in a year? If the number is less than 15, you need me. If client engagement is important to you, you will need me.
  2. Keep your company’s name up to date in people’s eyes
    How many times a week people hear about your company through social media? If the number is less than 3, you need me. If being on top of people’s minds is important to you, you will need me. What if your competitor is fresher in people’s mind than you? You are losing business!
  3. Build rapport and brand image
    Stories connect people to companies. Talking to your customers regularly builds trust and rapport. Don’t you want people to have faith and trust in your company? If yes, then how can you expect people to have it when the only time you show up in front of them is when you want to sell something!


How I will do it for you?

Well, there is so much that goes into writing the copy that we can discuss when you call me. But for now, here is how I do it:

  1. I use all cognitive biases of psychology
    Cognitive biases are mental shortcuts and fallacies in the way we think. I use these natural fallacies to our advantage when I write something for you. It makes it easier to convince people.
  2. I use all techniques of Neuro-Linguistic-Programming
    I use these techniques to persuade people with words. NLP is the science of using communication as a tool to manipulate with beliefs, logic and emotions.
  3. I use strategies of the best copywriters of the world. I have spent years in studying this field and developing skill.